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Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) in Prishtina

Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) in Prishtina is a health institution offering service for adults with mental health problems. The clients come from Prishtina, Besiana, Fushë Kosova, Kastriot, Drenas and Lipjan municipality. CMHC in Prishtina started offering services on September 2003. CMHC has 1324 registered clients. A multidisciplinary team composed of neuropsychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, psychosocial counselor and other collaborators offer professional services aiming at improvement of health conditions of clients: psychiatric health services, psychological services, psychosocial services, family psychoeducation, awareness raising techniques, home visits, daily stay, individual and group therapy, rehabilitation activities, and recreational activities. CMHC offers a range of support and treatment programs, which improve the quality of self-care of beneficiaries and enable the development of necessary abilities and skills to conduct a independent life. CMHC conducts different activities such as hand work, drawing, acting, music, sport, recreation, educational, etc. for individuals and their families. The above mentioned activities are directed towards gaining or returning of (1) basic skills, everyday life activities, socialization skills, and (2) healthy life (non smoking, proper nutrition, physical activities). When clients are not able to visit CMHC they are visited and taken care of by the mobile team.  


Arenliu Berxulli Uka Fjolla Ramadani


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