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Psychiatric Clinic in Podgorica (Montenegro)


Psychiatric Clinic, operating within Clinical Centre of Montenegro (which is a leading medical institution in the country), is a clinical centre for psychiatry and it offers psychiatric services throughout three departments:

  • Department for neurosis,
  • Department for psychosis,
  • Department for toxicomania.

Regarding its capacity, a total of 40 beds are available for inpatient care. There are 13 psychiatrists, 2 psychologists, 16 nurses, and a social worker taking care of 350 to 500 patients annually.  

Main functions/activities of the Clinic are:

  • Treatment of patients with severe psychiatric disorders and neurotic disorders, as well as of alcohol and drug dependence,
  • Scientific-educational foundation of Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica,
  • Enables and supports training in psychiatry for postgraduates,
  • Participation in development of national mental health policy and strategies,

Psychiatric Clinic is in close collaboration with Specialized Psychiatric Hospital in Kotor as well as with  CMHCs and regional mental health institutions.

Lidija Injac Stevovic Selman Repisti Tamara Radojcic


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