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Republic of North Macedonia

University Clinic of Psychiatry – Skopje, North Macedonia


The University Clinic of Psychiatry Skopje (UCPS) is a public health institution performing tertiary health care in the Republic of North Macedonia in the field of psychiatry. Its main strategic goal is: ensuring continuous progress in the prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental disorders.

UCPS was founded 1946, in the frame of Medical Faculty – University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. UCPS is leading institution at national level, with four dominant fields of expertise (clinical, educational, scientific and public mental health).

UCPS is the institution in the field of psychiatry positioned at the highest national level of health care, with different hospital setting, represented by 7 main departments for:  Affective disorders, Biological psychiatry, Child and adolescent psychiatry, Outpatient clinic for consultations and psychophysiology, Psychotherapy, Medical psychology, and Community mental health centre. In the frame of UCPS there is also outpatient unit with cabinets for different types of services.

It also comprise inpatient units with 50 beds (15 beds in the Child and Adolescent Department), mainly aimed for diagnosing and treating acute early onset psychoses, affective disorders, suicidal behavioral disorders, and outpatient unit for diagnosing treatment and follow up of different mental health problems including neuro-developmental disorders (15000 visits per year).

UCPS is responsible for organization and implementation of various educational and scientific activities, with established collaboration with many domestic and international institutions.  It is also leading national public mental health institution for development and implementation of national strategic documents in mental health, such as national Mental Health Strategy and Acton Plan. UCPS is responsible national institution for supervision of implementation of many activities in regards of human rights of people with mental illnesses in other psychiatric institutions in the country, as requested by the Ministry of Health. UCPS has been responsible for organization and implementation of reforms in the mental health field in the country, toward integrated community care, with involvement of all stakeholders in the mental health field. UCPS is also providing expertise for development of community mental health system in other countries in the region, in close collaboration with World Health Organization, in the frame of several regional projects and initiatives.


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