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Faculty of Medicine (University of Belgrade), Belgrade, Serbia

Clinic for Psychiatry CCS is one of two university psychiatric clinics in Belgrade and one of seven psychiatric university clinics in Serbia. It has a very long tradition in different models of adult and adolescent patient care, forensic psychiatry, graduate and post-graduate education and research. With about 180 patients daily in hospital setting (inpatient setting and day hospital setting ) and 100-200 outpatients daily, 33 psychiatrists (of whom majority have PhD degree, 11 are university professors and 6 are employed as a teaching assistants), 3 residents in psychiatry, 9 psychologists (specialists in clinical psychology with PhD degree) and 3 social workers, alongside M.D.s who are PhD students on the temporal stay, and over 30 residents on the rotation during post-graduate training. The clinic is important part of the mental health service network which covers Belgrade and surroundings (with around 2 million population), but not exclusively. Subjects form different parts of Serbia (7.1 million population) have been treated at Clinic for a decades, particularly when additional expertise, diagnostics and therapy were needed (second opinion). Clinic for Psychiatry is a part of Clinical Centre of Serbia, the biggest clinical center in the country and in the region, which become part of the University more than 50 years ago. At Clinic for Psychiatry, University of Belgrade, a few research topics have been in the focus, particularly psychotic and unipolar/bipolar affective disorders, which are the most represented diagnostic groups treated at Clinic (over 50% of the in/out patient population). Particular attention has been paid on early intervention in the first episode psychosis, with two teams (5 psychiatrists, 2 psychologists, 1 social worker and 9 nurses) working as a team in both outpatient and inpatient facilities.

Professor Nadja P. Maric is the Head of Department for Research and Early Interventions in Psychiatry, Clinic for Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade and Full Research Professor at the Faculty of Medicine. Professor Nadja P. Maric has wide experience in successfully carrying out international and national research collaboration. She authored/co-authored over 70 papers with h-index 17.

Sanja Andric Petrovic, MD, PhD, is a final year psychiatry resident at the University Clinic for Psychiatry CCS. As a Research Assistant in the field of Neurosciences at the Faculty of medicine University of Belgrade, she has been enrolled in several national and international projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, FP7 and Fogarty International Center. Her scientific interest has been primarily focused in the fields of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and major depressive disorders research, which resulted in 13 publications as the author or co-author in peer-reviewed international journal journals (h-index 4).

Stefan Jerotic, MD, PhD student in the field of Neurosciences, is a second year psychiatry resident at the Univesity Clinic for Psychiatry CCS. His scientific interests are focused on psychopathology, psychopharmacology and psychotic-spectrum disorders research.

Ivan Ristic, MD, first year psychiatry resident and PhD student in the field of Epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. His scientific interests are in the fields of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, psychometrics and psychopharmacology.


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Team Serbia
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