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United Kingdom: City

CITY University of London

Principal Investigator Jill Francis is a Professor of Health Services Research in the School of Health Sciences at City University of London, where she leads the Centre of Health Services Research and the Implementation Research Group within the Centre.

Over the past 15 years Jill has published around 200 research articles, been involved in around 250 conference presentations and has been involved in funded projects to the value of around €20 million. She works with implementation researchers across Europe, Canada and Australia and the US.

Jill leads the behavioural science components of funded projects in health services research and implementation research. At a methodological level, Jill applies and contributes to complex intervention methods, including intervention design and specification, theory-based process evaluations, and studies of intervention fidelity and effectiveness.

For the IMPULSE project, Jill is responsible for developing the Implementation Strategy, including developing and refining training materials for staff who will deliver the DIALOG+ intervention.

Jill Francis


Jennifer Hunter is a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Division of Health Services Research and Management, in the School of Health Sciences at City University of London, where she is working with Prof Jill Francis on the IMPULSE project.

Over the past 4 years, Jennifer conducted research for her PhD at the University of Cambridge, testing whether an intervention altering the distance at which food is placed impacts food consumption. Prior to this, Jennifer was involved as a Research Assistant in a range of projects at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, including assessing factors affecting help-seeking behaviour for health issues and testing the effect of a compassion-focussed therapy intervention on mental health in students.

For the IMPULSE project, Jennifer will be working with Prof Jill Francis to develop the Implementation Strategy, including the development and refinement of training materials for staff delivering the DIALOG+ intervention.

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