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The citizens association Prostor

The citizens association Prostor

The citizens association Prostor has been working towards development of community-based services for persons with mental health problems and de-stigmatization of this population in Serbia since 2010. The purpose of the organization is to develop municipally recognized and supported services that cover most of the needs of persons with mental health problems. Over the past 5 years, Prostor has provided services in the community aiming at empowering them, support of their re-socialization and providing psychological support. During its work, Prostor has been recognized by the institutions as a partner in the reform of mental health system, particularly in the process of de-institutionalization. Consequently, Prostor has officially partnered with the Belgrade municipality of Zvezdara in pioneering the development of the local Community Mental Health model in Serbia, now widely recognized and practiced in EU countries. Apart from direct work with psychiatric care users, Prostor has been working on the development of alternative approaches in treatment of mental health problems through organization of educational activities for professionals and experts by experience. Prostor is the official representative of IMHCN and the International Hearing Voices Network and one of the founders of the regional West Balkan Hearing Voices Network.

There are no official employees, one art therapist and one psychiatrist/ psychotherapist are most active members and founders. On projects, one more psychologist, one psychotherapist and one psychiatrist are engaged if needed, as well as 4 artists/ art professors/ literature professor, and 1 project manager.

Since 2010, around 300 psychiatric care users participated in the activities (projects carried out in Clinical Center of Serbia, Psychiatry Clinic and Daycare unit, Special Psychiatric Hospitals Vrsac and Kovin, and in the community).

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